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Ensuring Your Internet Business Success
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When it comes to making money online, everybody wants a quick fix. People just want to join a program, run a few ads, and start earning thousands of dollars immediately. While a few people may have been lucky to have it that good, the best way to ensure your success with your internet home business is to stick to the fundamentals.

I know of a guy who is a football coach for school kids.. He was employed to coach kids in the 7th grade in the same school his own children attend. The school team had been doing badly consistently for many years prior to his arrival. But when this guy became the school’s head coach, the team won the championship that year and the next year in a row.

One of the things you notice about this guy is his absolute dedication to his job. And the fact that he does not feel bad whenever his team loses a game. Infact, both he and his team feel good about themselves whether or not they win a game. What is important to them is that they did their best as a team.

What is amazing is the fact that the team this man coaches consistently excels and wins most of the games that they play in, though they are not always physically stronger or more talented than their opponents. When I thought about this I realized that it’s all in the fundamentals. I

What this coach does it to build a positive mindset in his team and teach them the fundamentals.His team does not focus on how to win the forthcoming games as others do, rather they work on all the fundamentals of their game and do so more than the other teams.

It is by focusing on the fundamentals that his team makes more progress than his opponents, who pay more attention to how to out-strategize the competition. This enables his team to spend more time improving their basics that they become better than everyone else.

The same principle can be applied in the internet home business world. When you think about it you will see that it is not such a mystery that some people have been able to succeed with their internet business to a high degree while the majority of others have failed dismally.
The majority of people who decide to start an internet home business are looking for instant success. This causes them to fall victim to online scams that promise to make them rich instantly.

Of course, these so called business opportunities are designed to exploit people’s desperation for quick fixes. When people are desperate for instant success, it is usually easy to take advantage of their situation, hence the reason so many people are unable to succeed with their internet home business.

Although there are many business opportunities on the internet and numerous ways to market them, I personally believe that success can be ensured by practicing the fundamentals. I do this by making a long term commitment to the business I join and marketing my website continually using simple and affordable internet marketing methods.

As a matter of fact, the most successful method I use is to write articles and have them published on other websites using article distribution software.

As I write articles and distribute them on other people’s websites, my name and website address are displayed to many people without me spending a money on advertising. Ofcourse, the secret of success with this marketing method is consistency. This is one of the “fundamentals” that cost nothing but some time and effort; but this is a price that many people are not prepared to pay. They prefer to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on quick fixes instead of doing a little work to grow their business.

If you want to ensure a high level of success in your internet home business, you must be ready to practice the fundamentals of your business consistently. But if you are relying on quick fixes, you chances of true success are very slim.

Even the “gurus” who have built successful internet businesses continue to practice their business fundamentals daily. As a matter of fact, especially the gurus practice the fundamentals. When they cease practicing the fundamentals they cease being “gurus”. When you consider this fact carefully you will see why it’s important for you to commit yourself to the fundamentals of your internet home business today. When you do this, you will find yourself overtaking your competition in your business niche.

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Steve's Home Based Business Informaton WeBlog said...

Your post is right on the money. To be successful you have to be determined and you have to stay constant with the fundamentals. I appreciated your reminder, thanks Stephen Meyer

Anonymous said...

Hi Jasmin,

Nice post. I find article marketing to be well worth the time and effort involved in setting up your articles.

Alan Thomas

GT said...

Hi, Jasmin:

Focusing on the fundamentals - yes, that is the key. Learn from others who are succeeding and plan a sure and steady journey down the road to Internet marketing success.

GT Bulmer

Bill Shultz said...


This was great post, it seems you are on the right track. You are going top be a success just keep doing what your doing!

Bill Shultz

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