Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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If you are considering starting an internet business, I have some bad news for you: 95% of new internet businesses fail. This statistic, although depressing is factual. It means that for every 10 people who start a business online, 9 are going to fail. My reason for revealing this frightening statistic is not to scare you but to make you assess your odds of being in the 95% bracket.

First of all, I want you to know that there are various reasons for this high failure rate. But if I were to summarise them under a single phrase, I'd say the reason for this high rate of failure is impatience with the learning curve.

The truth is,all enterpreneurship takes time to succeed and internet based enterpreneurship is no different. The learning curve is simply the time lapse between the onset of the business and mastery of the business, during which a lot is learned.Typically, most of today's successful internet gurus spent at least 5 years building their business inorder to achieve the levels of success they currently enjoy.

But a lot of newcomers to internet business are given the wrong impression.With all the hype about instant wealth and instant success online, many people are misled to think that all they require to succeed with internet business is a website and some advertising. They get this wrong impression from some "guru" who tells them how he made instant wealth online.

After listening to such gurus, what usually follows then is: the newbie gets excited with the internet business idea, starts the business,advertises, then.......nothing happens. After a couple of months spending money on advertising with dismal results, he becomes disillusioned and loses interest in promoting the business,which eventually leads to the death of the business. Thus the high rate of failure among newinternetenterpreneurs.

For the newbie ebiz enterpreneur, inorder to achieve the desired level of success online you'll need investments in time, money and determination. If you are starting from scratch, or pioneering a new niche, be prepared to spend even more money and time if you will succeed.But this is where the trouble lies. Most newbie internet businessmen have limited financial resources and lack the patience required to breakthrough the learning curve, and will give up after a couple of months.

If you have limited resources and want to own a successful internet business in the shortest possible time, the best way to do this is to join an already successful, duplicable online business.

There are a number of very successful internet business that are duplicable and all the enterpreneur need do is to "Plug in" to any one of them and apply the proven marketing techniques. The enterpreneur is sure of rapid success with this kind of business because he is duplicating an already successful model . Infact, this is the easiest way to succeed online.
There are now many programs available online that provide duplicable internet business to prospective enterpreneurs.

These programs belong to the "plug-in" type of business in which everything is set up for you including your website, products to sell and step by step instructions on effective marketing techniques that have proven successful with the very same business you are about to start.

When you join such programs, you gain several advantages. Firstly, this is the fastest and easiest way to make money on the internet. This is because you are applying proven techniques to market products that already have a market.
So all you'd be doing is getting a share of the market.

Secondly, your return on investment is very high because you only invest in the known and not the unknown. Thirdly, your learning curve is drastically reduced and you quickly master internet marketing techniques that will be beneficial to you long after you've left such programs.

Finally, you are saved the additional stress of adminstration of your business or other issues because they are usually handled by organisers of the program, leaving you time to concentrate on what is most important - fastracking your success in the internet business.

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